Dynamic elastomeric SupraB-materials with self-healing benefits: freshly cut surfaces display adhesive strength resulting in instantaneously self-bonding.


Rejuvenation of damaged coatings using the SupraB-technology: high flow at high temperatured restores damaged coatings within seconds.


Elastic hydrogels: just water held together by the strong SupraB hydrogen bonds, not only strong but also thermo-reversible.

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SupraB™ delivers unprecedented self-healing behavior in a wide range of polymeric materials.

> SupraB™

Innovative polymeric materials for applications ranging from self-healing materials, adhesives, and specialty coatings, to biomedical materials and cosmetics. All these

applications benefit from our proprietary SupraB™ quadruple hydrogen bonding technology combining material performance with unique processing conditions.

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SupraPolix develops specific polymer related solutions for its clients, thereby building on its SupraB materials

portfolio, and on its expertise in transferring the SupraB-technology to working solutions.

> SupraMolecular Polymers

SupraPolix offers a new concept in the world of plastics by separating the processability demands from the material demands: incorporation of already a small amount of our product SupraB™ in existing plastics result in favorable processing when desired. As a result, full

exploitation of all the material properties of existing plastics is possible, deepening their use in many large-scale applications that will benefit from ease of processing, advanced dynamical behavior or self-healing properties.